IndieGoGoLet’s Help KFC Recover From Mean Voicemails! KFC is a writer for BarstoolSports. We are working on obtaining video of cruel harrassment to him and setting up a fund to make sure he can retire! We will have the video up soon of the mean KFC voicemails. Please stay tuned and God Bless You for helping! Also make sure you check the perks, you could win a lunch KFC, YOU PAY YOUR OWN MEAL! Also, if you choose a sit down place you will be expected to ask for more bread and butter, KFC is fat and shy. Also the googley eye makes it hard to see when the waiter is coming by.

This is what the fuck I’m talking about! Yea I get that Karen The Bus Monitor has a shitty life. I know those kids were ruthless and mean. But guess what, folks?

I have a shitty life too. People are ruthless and mean to me every day. I mean for fuck’s sake my own fundraiser page tears me to shreds. Life’s tough for me, guys. I just sit around writing smut all day for a company that I know absolutely nothing about because the entire rest of the staff works in Boston. I just read comments and emails and listen to voicemails that tell me I’m a “double chinned, lazy eyed, piece of shit faggot” over and over again. I’ve been called fat and poor about a million times more than that bus monitor was.

So please. Make a donation today. We’re only 250,000 dollars short of our 250,000 dollar goal. Do your part now to earn a game worn Forever Lazy and a luncheon with the guy who eats breathes and sleeps Barstool New York.