Well, it’s definitely not a game 7 in October, but for the Yankees, it might as well be. 3 games. 3 games left to determine whether the Yankees go into the playoffs as division winners or as a wild card team. 159 games down, just 3 left to see if the Orioles can complete their improbable comeback that will most likely result in me killing myself because I fucking hate Buck Showalter and you just don’t lose a 10 game lead. That’s pussy shit. That’s Mets shit. This is ridiculous that we’re even discussing playoff seeding. 2 months ago, this wasn’t an issue. 2 months ago, I didn’t plan on having a problem catching up on the 8 shows I missed last night because this game was supposed to be meaningless. There were supposed to be lineup cards full of Ramiro Penas and Chris Dickersons. A Rod and Jeter giggling and playing grab-ass on the bench. Teixeira literally could have sports yapped from the on-deck circle for all I care; it just wasn’t supposed to matter. But then shit happened. And now the barrier between the Yankees not putting us all in cardiac arrest with a one-game wild card play-in is the fucking Red Sox- a team that has been mentally checked out since Memorial Day. A team that shipped away half the roster to the Dodgers as a giant “Fuck it, maybe next year.” Sure, tonight it looks like the Red Sox are just continuing their 2012 trend of being gutless cowards. Trotting out 6 guys who started in the AAA this year. No Pedroia. No Ellsbury. But regardless the Yankees are now playing against a team with nothing to lose with everything on the line.

Clinching a playoff spot last night when the team wasn’t even on the field was nice, but the prospect of a one game playoff is giving me the shits, and I’m just not in a position to handle that right now. I have things to do today.

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