Why fix it if it ain’t broken, right? Oh, wait, it’s really fucking broken. Every idiot calling into Francesa today to tell him their ideal lineup move: “Ummm yeah Mike, I ehhhhh I like Homer Bush in da 3 hole. Thanks, Mike. I’ll let you finish now.” The answer to the who bats 3rd question is there is no answer. There is no clear cut guy with a .390 OBP to slot in front of Cano. But A Rod isn’t the answer right now either. Sometimes you just need to shake things up. Even if it isn’t 100% the right solution, you move a couple guys around, throw the opposition a new look, and good things happen. Kinda like putting runners in motion. Again, no perfect answer here. And let’s be honest. As Joe just mentioned in his press conference, if A Rod’s liner gets through in the first the other night, we’re not having this conversation. But it didn’t and now the media is in A Rod’s head because he’s about as mentally strong as Pat Summit.