Finally getting into Season 2 of Game of Thrones and its definitely growing on me. Aside from any scenes with Jon Snow’s fat ass friend and the crippled kid. That fat pussy Sam is one of the worst characters in TV history. He makes the other fat pussy Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings look like a bad ass motherfucker. I guess all these fantasy nerd writers just pick one fat loser character and name him Sam. That fucker should just be killed off.

And the little crippled kid is boring as fuck too. Bran? Like, Raisin Bran? Nice name dude. All that little kid does is have weird dreams and cry to his old ass babysitter and get piggy back rides from that giant oaf with the huge dick. Seriously just get the fuck out of the show. The last episode I watched he was telling the old dude he thinks he’s magic but to be honest I just wathched some red head give birth to a Smoke Monster out of her pussy and the sexy blond has dragons now so I think I’m all covered when it comes to the supernatural angles of this show. Sam and Bran Get The Fuck Off My Screen.

Anyway, the politcal ads are pretty clever. Since I’m not all caught up yet I can’t comment on everything, but I’m sure Game of Thrones diehards will enjoy.