Wired – In case you missed it last week, the Internets blew up at Hasbro when they responded poorly to McKenna Pope’s petition. McKenna, and about 40,000 other people, would like to see a version of the Easy Bake oven that appeals to boys and girls. She isn’t asking a lot, just some gender neutral styling and colors. Hasbro’s public relations department responded with some history of the oven, explained that boys do play with their toys, and have been featured on packaging in the past. They stopped short of indicating a uni-sex version was planned, or even possible. As expected, the response went viral and spread like wildfire through Facebook and Twitter and even caught the attention of some celebrity chefs. Today Hasbro invited Ms McKenna and her family to their headquarters and revealed a new line of ovens available in black, silver, or blue. The official announcement was not be made until the NY Toy Fair in February. It appears that Hasbro has been working on the color scheme for about 18 months and expects it to be on shelves by summer.

I’m so happy I’m gonna die soon. Because in another 50 or 60 years this world is gonna suck. Its gonna be a bunch of dickless pussy-less gender neutral idiots singing non-denominational holiday tunes while everyone shoots each other with guns. Seriously the human race just totally blows at this point. Aside from the fact that girls are much sluttier than they ever were in the past, you could argue the human race is at its worst right now.

The best part about these assholes complaining is that all they did was get EZ Bake oven to release a blue version of the oven. So they’re still just reinforcing societies color stereotypes. I swear the gender neutral freaks have gotta be the stupidest fucking advocacy group ever. Every time they campaign for something they end up strengthening the stereotypes they are trying to fight. So now boys are gonna cook in a blue oven and girls are gonna cook in a pink one. Was this really worth petitions and newscasts and me blogging about how I’m afraid the world is gonna turn into one superrace of hermaphrodites? No. No it fucking wasn’t.