ABC - For 19-year-old Emma Riehl, attending her college classes is a form of torture. But she doesn’t blame the subject matter or the homework. Riehl lives with a rare and still mostly unknown condition called misophonia. Meaning “hatred of sound,” misophonia makes it difficult to tolerate everyday sounds such as  chewing, coughing, even breathing. Those who have it  find the noises so intrusive they can’t remain in the same area as the person making them. Unlike people who find these noises merely irritating, people with misophonia have an extreme reaction that often leads to lives of isolation. The specific sounds of sniffling and chewing make Riehl feel anxious, distressed and violent. In her video diary, she describes her daily struggle to overcome the rage she feels whenever she hears these “trigger” sounds. ‘Immediately after hearing one of my triggers, I become enraged, I become very hot, tingly, anxious,’ she explained in her video diary assigned by ABC News’ 20/20. ‘There are about 25 kids in this class, and five of them have colds, so it’s pretty hard for me to deal with.’ Unable to participate in the typical college social scene, she lives alone and constantly wears headphones. There is no cure for misophonia, but Riehl believes that eating a healthy diet and keeping to a strict schedule of exercise help  her ease the stress caused by her condition. Although there has been limited research, some experts believe misophonia has a genetic link and could result from a neurological defect.

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