OcalaBefore his first appearance Wednesday morning before a judge, Richard P. Braccia was apologetic about his behavior early Tuesday when he reportedly fired multiple shots at three deputies because he had been drinking and was upset about a football game outcome. While Braccia said he doesn’t remember much about the incident, he said he remembers this much: He was drinking for roughly four hours. He said he has been a New York Giants fan for roughly 30 years and was upset that the Washington Redskins had beaten his team during the Monday Night Football game. Braccia said he doesn’t remember hitting his wife, or talking with her or deputies. He said he panicked and the next thing he knew, he was shooting. Shortly after midnight Tuesday, Braccia’s wife called 911 saying her husband was battering her. While talking with a dispatcher, she said he was in a bedroom loading his firearms, described as an AK-47, a shotgun and a 9mm handgun. According to reports, Deputy Matthew Bowers arrived at the couple’s home and talked with the woman outside, then entered the home. Braccia came out of a room and fired several shots from a handgun at the deputy, who ran for cover. A second deputy, Eduardo Bustamante, arrived. Thinking his colleague was inside, he went into the home. He also was greeted with gunfire and ran for cover. Shots also were fired at a third deputy, Daniel Barker. Deputies said Braccia also fired shots out the front and back of the residence. He said he is “addicted to pills” and took them while drinking, which he said was “stupid.” “I didn’t mean to shoot at them,” he said. Officials said Braccia is on suicide watch at the jail.

Get a hold of yourself, Dick. Listen, I was pretty pissed off too. Between the inept Giants’ offense, the triple-option fumble-touchdown, Gruden’s overexuberant lust for RG3′s dong & trying to deal with the “Mike Tirico is white?” mind fuck all game, I was primed to flip my shit once the Skins assumed the victory formation. The thought of doling out a five-finger tattoo to my girl might’ve crossed my mind too for a split second – but then the reality of being a Big Blue fan set in. That loss was just par for the course. We’re better than this, Dick. We’re not Jets or Eagles fans who regurgitate force-fed hype only to have their teams collapse or downright embarrass themselves annually. Lowlifes like KFC & Mo are the ones who should be snapping into fits of drunken rage, beating bitches & imitating Tony Montana’s last stand with the fuzz.

We’re supporters of the New York Football Giants, Dick. NFC champs 3 of the past 12 years with a pair of Super Bowl rings. Probably the best sports franchise this century. I get the initial instinct is to want to win ‘em all, but anyone who knows anything knows that’s not how they operate. The G-Men dominate when they feel like it & dick around the rest of the time. Play half-assed against the weak or piss away any separation in the standings & have everyone doubting them until a supposed NFL big dick swinger shows up on the schedule to get annihilated. Which is probably more entertaining than some bullshit undefeated season anyway. So there’s no reason for Monday’s loss to be anyone’s breaking point. A potential L to the Saints will be no big deal, either. Not when you know the real season begins after falling into an NFC East tie & football’s talking heads are questioning whether or not the Giants will even hang onto a playoff spot. Decimating the Falcons and running the table from there is the payoff for shrugging off disappointments like Cincy & the Monday nighter. Just gotta ride out the bumps & avoid being a Dick along the way.