Hate on the Giants all you want, but going a step further than simply inviting Eric LeGrand to the game & asking him to take the field for the coin toss as well is all class. Everyone across the country knows his story & the strides he’s made by now, but being on an NFL field where his injury occurred in front of his former coach, some hometown Rutgers fans, friends and family is a huge deal. I’m all man, so I don’t get emotional – but if I were a pussy like some of you I’d bet there’ll be some onion slicing going on in a few living rooms. No way he keeps composure.

As far as the game is concerned, it’s a must-win. Plain and simple. I know there’s 14 more after Sunday & the Giants’ success has largely been achieved the hard way, but let’s be real. You can’t drop a 2nd home game against a patsy like Tampa Bay with a visit to Carolina 4 days later & trips to Philly & Frisco on the horizon. Luckily for Big Blue, they’re already up 7 thanks to the Victor Cruz touchdown he’s undoubtedly scoring. The Bucs have a couple new weapons (V Jax & Doug Martin) that’ll test the resilience of the Giants’ D, but I don’t expect them to keep up. If I’m Josh Freeman, I’m fucking terrified. You think Tuck, JPP & Osi aren’t chomping on the bit to bounce back from not laying a finger on Romo last week? That’s an aberration, just like Freeman not turning the ball over against the Panthers. Dude led all NFL QB’s in TO’s last year, so look for big-time pressure tilting the field in the G-Men’s favor thanks to a few takeaways. I’ll even go as far as making the bold guarantee of Prince (if he mans up & plays) trotting a pick to the house and falling back into the good graces of the fans. He’s practiced all week, as has Coe & Marvin Austin. On the offensive side of the ball, I wouldn’t be shocked to see David Wilson pull a Prince & redeem himself as well. The Bucs held D’Angelo Williams to 4 total yards on Sunday, but they were the worst rushing D last year – maybe they’ve improved, but not that much. Bradshaw should do some work too & hopefully give Eli a game where he doesn’t have to carry the squad on his shoulders. No reason for this must-win to be a tough win.

34-13 Giants