Let me just get my “no big deal” excuse out of the way – losing a game to a non-conference opponent when you have twice as many wins as anyone else in your division isn’t the worst thing in the world for the Giants. Especially when Dallas traveled to ATL to lose & Philly is hours away from doing the same in NO. Tomorrow, this weekend will be a wash as Big Blue prepares to take advantage of a Cincy squad that’s dropped 4 straight, including 3 at home. Perfect remedy for the road warrior G-Men before their bye.

Still, fans can’t ignore the slump the retarded Manning is in. Just 2 TDs against 4 picks in his last 4 games – 3 of which he’s been under 200 yards. He was protected well again, way better than Big Ben (4 sacks & a pair of turnovers), but the offense just couldn’t find a groove all day. Those consecutive false starts to end the first half not only cost NY at least 3 points but put Pitt in great position to get 3 of their own. First & goal at the 4 has to be 7 points after that late 3rd quarter C-Web pick. 2-10 on 3rd downs Sunday makes it 5-25 over the past 2 weeks. The chances were there, even after the Steelers took the lead. Eli with 4 minutes & a pair of timeouts to march the field is usually ball game, Big Blue. This time, it was 3 & out – ball game, rapist.

It’s a little scary to think the G-Men are just a 77-yard bomb & a fingertip away from having lost 3 straight – but on the flipside, their 3 losses have all been by a score. One by about a yard on a FG. Goes both ways. While you want your team to win every time they take the field, the reality is NY is still sitting pretty in the NFC East and has plenty of time to heat up come playoff time. After an expected win over the Bengals and a bye, there’s 6 straight legit opponents that should wake them up & bring out their best football.