So far, the Giants’ season has pretty much gone according to plan. Outside of an awful, Super Bowl hangover-riddled performance to kick off the NFL season & give the Cowgirls false hopes, Big Blue is my cock’s length away from having run the table since then. Unfortunately, that missed FG came against the Eagles – making every division game the rest of the way a virtual must-win. Now that their first NFC East victory is out of the way, it’s time to avenge the gift they gave their most bitter rival in their own fucking house. The house Jerry Jones invited all of Texas to “watch us beat the Giants’ ass”. And if there’s one thing the G-Men do best, it’s show up as road warriors for statement games. With Dallas down a pair of their biggest weapons in Sean Lee & Demarco Murray, Jerry should be a little more concerned with everyone he invited watching the Giants jam their collective dicks down his wrinkly throat instead.