Alright, G-Men. You’ve had your fun. I understand you prefer to keep things interesting throughout the season & refuse to run away with things too early, but it’s time to start flexing that “repeat” muscle. Last week’s romp of the Saints was a good start, but today it’s time to expose the annual fraud that is the Atlanta Falcons while the Skins play behind the eight ball without RG3. 11-2 is good enough for the #1 seed, but it’s not all that difficult to achieve playing a combined schedule with a .388 winning percentage. Easiest road in the NFL. Well, Matty Ice, here’s your Big Blue detour. With Michael Turner finally crossing the line from bruising back to fat fuck, a pass-first offense falls right into the wheelhouse of the Giants’ pass rush. Ryan’s four game slump (8 TOs, 4 TDs against AZ, TB, NO & CAR) isn’t likely to break today, even with Amukamara on the sideline. Let’s just hope the Falcons hold onto their first-round bye & Big Blue gets to pay them another visit next month.

Oh, and have fun with David Wilson & your 5 yards/carry run D, Atlanta.