Bonkowski (left) allegedly sprayed bleach into Emily Joseph’s iced tea after they argued about the dishes

DM – A college student faces 15 years in jail after she allegedly sprayed bleach into her roommate’s iced tea. Kayla Ashlyn Bonkowski, 19, was charged with felony poisoning and appeared in court on Wednesday. She reportedly told police that she had put chemicals in the drink following an argument about cleaning the dishes with her 20-year-old roommate Emily Joseph. The poisoning occurred on November 7 at the students’ apartment in Union Township, located near the Mount Pleasant school of Central Michigan University, authorities said.  Miss Joseph was taken to hospital for treatment but later released. After she filed a complaint, Bonkowski was arrested.  The 19-year-old ‘verbally admitted’ to police that she put bleach in the drink because ‘Joseph is mean’, according to ABC.


I know this story was already blogged a couple times around the network, but I had to make sure it was on NY so KFC would definitely see it. We all found out earlier today about how he’s moving in with his girlfriend aka turning in his balls. And he told us all about how his girlfriend wanted to wash brand new silverware while they were moving in. Well dude it may seem weird but I’d say just wash the damn silverware cause apparently chicks turn deadly over that shit. You put up a fight about washing the dishes today and before you know it there’ll be razor blades in your donuts and cyanide in your Bud Lights. It’s not worth the risk man. Just wash the forks and knives and hope there are only a few other idiosyncrasies that you don’t know about yet.

Seriously how different are guy and girl roommates? This girl poisoned her roommate over some dirty dishes? Well look what my roommate left lying around:

It’s a fucking elliptical in the middle of my living room. My roommate brought it in but he doesn’t use it. I don’t use it. I don’t know of anyone who uses it. But yet, it continues to sit there. Why? Because we’re two guys and we’ll just walk around it until we move out. Do I like sitting on the couch blogging all day while an exercise machine taunts me, silently screaming at me to get up, be active and do something with my life? No. But what’s the alternative? Pick it up? Fuck that. See girls you have to realize what’s actually important in life. Dishes, ellipticals, these things come and go. What truly matters between roommates is trust, mutual respect, and whether or not they’ll give you another week to come up with the rent money because you went on a bender and spent a couple hundred dollars at the rub and tug when my friend was in town last month.