Beyond Jane - The stereotype has been perpetuated that big breasted women are less intelligent than their small breasted counterparts. It may be time to rethink this idea. According to a study carried out by a Chicago sociologist in 2003, women with big breasts had ten point higher I.Q’s. on average than their less well endowed counterparts. This sociologist conducting the study, who admitted to being a 32A in breast size, looked at 1200 women of various breast sizes. She divided the women into five categories based on their breast measurements. These included extra-large, large, medium, small, and extra-small breast sizes. The women were then given an I.Q. test to objectively measure their intelligence levels To the researcher’s surprise, women in the extra-large and large categories scored an average of ten points higher than women in the groups with the smallest breast sizes. Even women with medium sized breasts beat out the small breasted women by several I.Q. points.

Well why don’t you just kick them while they’re down. Twist the knife a little more. Pour salt in their small-titted wounds. What a fuckin double whammy – now you’re unattractive and you’re stupid.

And also this doesn’t bode well for all of mankind. I don’t want hot voluptuous chicks being smart. I need them to be dumb and easily duped into sex with me. This means that the stupid chicks who are tricked into coitus are gonna probably be flat and ugly. Which then perpetuates a cycle of ugly and stupid reproduction. Nobody wants a world of ugly and unintelligent people. And unfortunately this study seems pretty ironclad, which means there’s only one solution:

Hot chicks with big tits, no matter how smart, must lower their standards and have sex with me.

PS – this is why I’m an Ass Man. You can walk around with a ba-donk and there’s a chance you’re smart and a chance you’re dumb. And theres a 100% chance I don’t really care as long as you wanna get down.