St. AlbertA peewee hockey player has been suspended by the St. Albert Minor Hockey Association after multiple reports of racism surfaced this week. An 11-year-old defenceman was targeted during a team outing for being Jewish, said his mother who is also the team’s manager. “We all went to an Oil Kings’ game on Friday and on the bus, the goalie of our team called my son a “fucking Jew,” she said, adding this player later told her son that Nazis killed Jews. This incident came to her attention after the parents of two unrelated children contacted her. “Two parents came to me and said their sons came home in tears because (my son) had been treated so badly on the bus and they were so upset about it,” she said. During the team’s Sunday practice, the same player asked her son to “go away” and later threatened to kill him if he didn’t comply. “Not only has he made these racial, really anti-Semitic comments to my son, now he’s threatening to kill him,” she said. She said her sons have never experienced anti-Semitism and said she has never heard this kind of language being used in minor hockey. A second player from the same team, an 11-year-old biracial forward, told his parents this week that the same goalie told him “Your mom should go back to Africa where she belongs.” His father detailed many instances of verbal and physical abuse at the hands of the goalie, adding some parents are considering boycotting the team if this player is not removed. “(The league) was notified yesterday afternoon of the incident in question and based on a review of the information we received, the decision was made to suspend the player pending further investigation and a meeting with the parent,” league president Dave Bell said.

I’m sure some of the hockey guys like DeLo & Feitelberg over in Boston can back me up here – hockey goalies are fucking wacky. The goalie for one of my teams is certifiably insane. All 8 people who follow my Twitter saw him naked in 30-degree weather painted in Buffalo Bills colors a couple weeks ago, and he too has a fascination with Rammstein & calling people Jews regardless of whether or not it’s true. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg with this lunatic, so this story isn’t all that shocking. What it says though is that this kid is the team’s lynchpin on the ice with whiny Jew & mulatto teammates who suck and have parents responsible for the pansification of today’s youth.

You know who the coach of the Oil Kings doesn’t make skate suicides for shitty behavior? The backbone who’s gotta make 40 saves in traffic every game because Steinberg is too much of a pussy to clear the screen in front of his crease and the Oreo kid can’t put the puck in the net to give him a cushion. And how about the two other fairies who went crying to their mommies because their goalie was mean to Jewmanji on the bus? Christ, I’d be threatening to kill everyone at practice too. This is hockey. You slew foot & chirp as offensively as possible – double when chirping your own teammates. If these kids don’t like it, snipe him in the facemask during warmups & drop the mitts if he wants. Or be good at hockey. That’d turn his harsh racial insults into friendly racist ribbing in no time.