Daily MailOlympic champion swimmer Rebecca Adlington has been subjected to cruel internet taunts about her looks, she revealed yesterday. The gold medallist from the Beijing Games said she had been left upset and angry by comments mocking her appearance on websites and social networking sites such as Twitter. Now the 23-year-old says she will avoid the internet altogether during London 2012. Her admission comes just days after it emerged super-toned heptathlete Jessica Ennis had been called fat by ‘a high-ranking person’ at UK Athletics. Miss Adlington, a 400m and 800m freestyle champion, said: ‘I used to read all the stuff about me. I learned very quickly not to do that. ‘It is awful. Even if there are ten nice comments you get one idiot. I’ve now given up. It upsets me or gets me angry. They are to do with how I look, which has nothing to do with my performance in the pool. It’s just nasty comments about things  I can’t control. I can’t help the way I look.’ The swimmer, who has 48,562 followers on Twitter, told the Daily Mail she regularly has to use the ‘block button’ on Twitter to stop people from sending her vile messages.

What the fuck ever happened to having thick skin? I guess that all went down the drain around the same time we started giving out ribbons and medals for last place finishes and started with the “Its all about having fun and being happy” generation. We’ve got a goddam gold medal Olympian up there complaining that boys are mean to her on the internet. Gimme a fuckin break babe. You’re a gold medal athlete. You’re one of the most accomplished people on the planet earth. Start acting like one. Tell the world of internet trolls to suck your dick.

Oh people make comments that have nothing to do with your swimming? Big fuckin whoop. You think my lazy eye or my double chin have anything to do with my blogging? Think El Pres’ schnoz does the blogging? Actually maybe that thing does write, who knows. But the point is anybody who is remotely in the public eye is gonna have mean things said about them. You can either cry about it and let them win, or tell them to shut the fuck up, crush life and smile at the fact that you know people have gotta pick on the things you can’t change because you absolutely dominate everything in life that you have control of. Yea, your nose is big. Looks like the giant nose that contestants on Double Dare search through for a flag during the Obstacle Course. God fucked you over on that one. But other than that I’d say you got a pretty fair fucking shake when you were blessed with an Olympic body. Lets keep things in perspective here.