My Fox PhillyIt’s not often that Good Day’s Mike Jerrick is at a loss for words – unless you surprise him on live TV with the “Fiat Girl” of his dreams. Local college student Kacie McDonnell has built a following for her appearances as the spokeswoman for Fiat Of Maple Shade. When the ads appear on Good Day, Jerrick is usually transfixed on the in-studio monitor. But when a Fiat ad ran on Thursday, McDonnell walked on the live TV set to surprise Jerrick and co-anchors Sheinelle Jones. After stumbling and turning red, Jerrick was able to find out McDonnell’s career plans, her home town and her dating status. Then, McDonnell walked away from the set as Jerrick sat forlorn.

Smooth Mike Jerrick! Way to play it cool, bro! Dude should write a book about being a pick up artist like Mystery or Styles. Step 1 – Shout with excitement when she walks in the room. Step 2 – Clap like a monkey. Step 3 – Ask her probing questions while awkwardly holding her hand. Step 4 – Openly declare that the discussion is weird and creepy.

Not like I can really knock him. When Kacie comes to Mad River to bartend I usually just stare at the door until she walks through it. I focusing on not blinking so I don’t miss anything. And when she asks me what I want to drink I mumble the words Bud Light and I leave her a 13 dollar tip. If I lived in Philly I probably would have bought a fuckin FIAT by now.

Kacie McDonnell - bringing Good Day Philly anchors and New York City smut bloggers to their knees since 2010.

PS – Cannot wait for Kacie to be famous and I can claim I discovered her.