lebron yankee sneakers

Does anyone seriously expect Lebron James to play ANYWHERE but The Garden next year?  The dude is shaking hands with Jay Z and A-Rod at midcourt while CC tells him how fucking SWEET it is to leave C-Town and come to New York City.  He’s wearing sneakers commemorating the goddam Yankees.  His shoes say fucking New York on them.  They don’t say Charlotte, or some dumpy ass town like Milwaukee. I’m surprised anyone from the state of Ohio even roots for this guy anymore.  Just hand him over.

Lets call a spade a spade – LBJ is one of the biggest egomaniacs to walk the face of the earth.  Is there anywhere else in the NBA that an egomaniac can make a name for himself?  2 places – Los Angeles and Boston.  Welp, the Clippers are the worst organization in the history of organized competition.  Like I’m saying way back when the Iroquois Indians invented lacrosse and soccer and shit -  they were still a better team than the Clippers.  And Kobe and Lebron would work about as well as Kobe and a 19 year old in Eagle, Colorado.  Boston is already headed to the Finals this year and they are capped out.  Sooo you do the math folks…

That leaves the Mecca of Basketball – New York City – under the cap, dying to return to the spotlight.  Anyone who’s lived in this town long enough will tell you when the Knicks are good, the City is buzzing.  They are the only team in New York that commands the full and undivided attention of every fan out there.  No other franchise to compete with (sorry New Jersey).  It’s the perfect setting to resurrect a catatonic legendary basketball town and ascend to the “Global Icon” status Lebron craves.

LBJ in NYC 2010, put it in the books.