First of all, it’s Monday. Fuck Sunday. No sense in breaking down the shellacking ATL doled out, so let’s just deal with the ramifications of a horrific day of football. Somehow, even though the Giants were blown out & basically every team within striking distance got a win, they still control their own destiny. Win the final 2 against Baltimore & the Eagles and, worst case, they slide in at #6. The Redskins visit Dallas for their final games of the season, so Big Blue would leapfrog the loser. As for the other Wild Card contenders, an 8-4 conference record would be the tiebreaker that puts them ahead of both Minny & da Bears. All they gotta do is get to the dance & anything can happen.

The trip to Baltimore couldn’t possibly come at a worse time though, with Ray Lewis expected to be back. I’m not worried about an old Ray Ray murdering anyone on the field, but the Ravens are reeling. They’ve dropped three in a row and all of a sudden are in danger of losing the AFC North. Seems like the perfect time for the most inspiring athlete ever to rally the troops in a major way. Don’t forget, this could be Ray’s swan song. He’s been itching for this return. It’s a pretty safe bet that the Baltimore pre-game breakdown will be epic & the G-Men are gonna get the best they’ve got.

Over their past 5 games, the Ravens have eclipsed 20 points just once. Ray Rice has been good, not great & Flacco’s been mediocre at best over that span. Defensively, they’re older, banged up & nowhere near the threat they used to be. Problem is, that pretty much describes the Giants too. So who steps up as their Ray Lewis? Who was in the NY locker room laying into them for their sleepwalking effort yesterday besides their 66 year-old coach? I didn’t see anyone marching up & down the sideline looking to light a spark. Obviously I have no clue what goes on behind closed doors, but the time for grinning & bearing it is up. Someone’s gotta hold this team accountable & get them prepared to play with some heart. If they step into The Bank flat like they did the Georgia Dome, Big Blue’s playoff hopes might as well be Ray Ray’s white suit. Gone.