New ZealandTwo graffiti artists who were caught vandalising a fence were forced to dance for a video camera until police arrived. The men had been apprehended by a New Zealand home-owner who decided to administer his own unique brand of vigilante justice YouTube-style. After calling police he’s said to have ordered the men to dance in his living room while filming them on his mobile. Once police had arrested the suspected vandals the clip was uploaded to YouTube – much to the amusement of crime victims everywhere. However, the stunt could backfire as cops are now investigating claims officers also filmed the dancing youths… if found guilty they could be punished with an embarrassing YouTube appearance. One of the men has since been charged with wilful damage.

These guys must have had a gun pointed at them, no? I mean the only way I’m gonna sit there and bee bop around someones living room willfully waiting for police to come apprehend me is if there’s a chance I’m going to be shot. Have some pride you mutts. Making the whole vandalism crowd look like a bunch of pussies.

I always wonder if I’m gonna be that bitter old man who beats up the neighborhood kids and embarrassed the shit out of them and gets them arrested if they fuck with my stuff. Part of me hopes I’d remember that I once did all those stupid things and that its just part of growing up. But part of me also thinks I may be 55 years old dancing in some dudes living room about to be arrested because I never grew up and I was still doing stupid shit. Like Peter Pan but more of a delinquent drunk.