MinorLeagueBaseball.comThe Lowell Spinners are thrilled to announce the addition of “Team Ghost Riders” Cowboy Rodeo Night to the 2011 Promotional Schedule. This unique act is one you will not want to miss, as they perform throughout the night! Led by professional rodeo cowboy Tim “WILD THANG” Lepard, Team Ghost Riders is a group of sheep dogs and monkeys, who team together to provide one of the most entertaining traveling acts you will ever see. After a career as a bull rider resulted in a number of injuries, Lepard decided a change of careers was in order and found such an act with three dogs and three monkeys.”Working with and training animals involves a lot of hard work,” explained Lepard on his Website. “Traveling across the United States with animals requires even more dedication and responsibility. The animals are like family and require 24/7 care to ensure their well-being. When I see the crowd smiling and hear the laughter, it makes all the hard work worthwhile.” Lepard will perform at LeLacheur Park Tuesday, July 19 when the Spinners take on the Vermont Lake Monsters. He and the troop will perform throughout the evening and if fans are itching for more, Team Ghost Riders will remain in the area for a performance with the Nashua Silver Knights the following night at Holman Stadium.”We are always looking for acts that will provide a new level of entertainment for our fans,” said Spinners VP of Communication Jon Goode. “After watching the video of the Ghost Riders performance, we just knew we had to bring them to the Spinners fans.”

Reason #3,497,890 why minor league baseball is fucking awesome. Pretty much anything goes at minor league ballparks. In between innings people are dancing on the dugout and like running around the bases and shit. If it starts raining the crowd needs to lend a hand to the grounds crew. Beers are like $1 and you get free admission if you bring a Pepsi can like its Six Flags. I’m pretty sure you can just get out of your seat and start playing if you wanted. Be like a 4th outfielder roaming out there like you were playing beer league softball. Remember when you were playing rec basketball and when the ball was at the other end of the court you’d shoot a couple jumpers on the opposite hoop? And then when the ball came back down court you’d scramble to get out of the way? Thats basically minor league baseball.

And now you can add monkeys riding dogs herding goats to the list. I’m not even joking when I say I can’t decide who the undercard is on July 19th. For my money I’d rather watch dog riding monkeys than watch some 18 year old who can’t hit a curve ball. As far as I’m concerned Team Ghost Riders is using the Lowell Spinners and Vermont Lake Monsters as a promotional tool. Come see Monkey-Cowboy Rodeo Night with some minor league baseball sprinkled in!

PS – If the Brooklyn Cyclones are not on the phone trying to book Team Ghost Riders right now I will be sorely disappointed. Actually scrap that. If the fuckin New York Mets are not on the phone looking into this I’ll be furious. There are few things that put asses in the seats and one of them is watching the monkeys ride the dogs and herd the goats. I’ll leave it to a vote:

Vote 1 for I’d rather watch Brad Emaus go 0-fer while the bullpen blows another game Vote 10 for I’d rather watch Team Ghost Riders

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