Huffington Post - One of the best pizza joints in the city may have to close its doors. The owner of Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn has been served with eviction papers. Dorothy Waxman says her tenant, Frank Ciolli, owes her $44,000. Ciolli disputes how much he owes Waxman and says he paid his rent on time “for the most part.” On Friday, Waxman plans to ask a State Supreme Court judge to give her tenant the boot. Regardless of the judges decision, Ciolli hopes to open a new restaurant on Sixth Avenue and 20th Street in Manhattan.

Fantastic pizza and tremendous canolis now if you wops could just learn how to pay the rent we’ll be in business. I’ve never been to this joint but I guess I gotta get on that ASAP. Obviously the place is legendary but I can’t make the hike all the way to BK for a slice of pizza. Does this place live up to the hype?

Best pizza I ever had was at this little joint in the Bronx on City Island where I grew up. The pizzeria was called….drumroll please….”The Pizza Place.” Hey nobody ever said guineas were creative, either. A close second was Pugsley’s Pizza on 191st street right next to Fordham’s campus.  A Richie Special (Slice, chicken roll, drink) for $5 still to this day could be the greatest drunk food I’ve ever had in my entire life. Plus they also had cheap pitchers of beer and the dude who ran the joint Sal was a weird bird and he used to let you go behind the counter and bang this enormous gong. It was really all about the ambiance if you ask me.

Anyway, I need to know from people who have been to Grimaldi’s if it is good enough to make an emergency voyage to Brooklyn before it closes

Vote 1 for its not that good Vote 10 for Grimaldi’s pizza is a must have and I need to get out there ASAP

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