Mandatory – A friend of mine recently signed up for OKCupid (an online dating site for those who might be unaware) and was constantly telling me about all the bizarre and pathetic lines guys try to use on her via instant message. She would very blatantly shoot them down and yet they would continue to message her. Obviously, for most women this doesn’t come as a surprise whatsoever. I started thinking about it and had a thought: I wonder how far guys would go to get a date or a hook-up.┬áNow of course I’m not saying that every guy on the internet is desperate and creepy but fellas, browse through that profile a little and make sure you aren’t getting ready to message an illiterate part time prostitute with a rubber arm and a history of vehicular crimes. Have fun out there!

First thing’s first – if you want to see how creepy and weird guys on the internet can be, look no further than the dude who creates a profile as a 23 year old girl and spends his days online chatting talking to other guys about fucking. I’m pretty sure if we’re wondering how low some people will go on the internet, this right here is Exhibit A.

Secondly, I don’t know about you guys but I’m kinda feeling Tara Ice Age. Cute chick, mildly racist towards black people and Asians. Doesn’t like people who over dramatize 9/11. Likes chili. Uhh, I’m lovestruck. I understand that this guy was trying to create an offensive profile that nobody would be attracted to, but big swing-and-a-miss right here bro. You think I’m gonna let some grammar mistakes and a little hit and run dissuade me from fucking a cute chick? For sure not. I ain’t no grammar Nazi and I ain’t an angel on the road either. Bottom line is when you’re patrolling the internet for chicks, you’re looking for one thing and one thing only – a chick who will let you cum in her mouth for 50 bucks. So when you find that, nothing else matters. Great social experiment pal. All you did was prove how awesome online dating is.