Its that time again, folks. One week from today ABC Family starts running Hocus Pocus non stop until Halloween. And as I’ve explained year after year since I’ve started Barstool New York, chicks fucking love this movie. Like I think they masturbate to it. You drop some Hocus Pocus game on them at the bar and you’re guaranteed to start a convo. Now I, myself, am an expert on this movie. I know it all. The Black Flame Candle? Thackery Binx? The Sanderson Sisters? How Max should have fucked Allison? If Jeopardy ever had a Hocus Pocus category I’d run it. But for the rest of you who have never seen it, you’re officially on notice. You have one week to brush up on girls’ cult classic Halloween favorite so that you can trick them into having some freaky Halloween sex. Study up on some Pretty Little Liars and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get laid.

If you want to absolutely want to get laid this Halloween, you know the place to be is Saloon for our 3rd Annual Halloween Bash. I had bars left and right asking about doing a Barstool Halloween party after the Blackout tour success but I just know none of them beat Saloon’s. We’ve done it every year since the beginning of BSNY and I don’t plan on ever stopping. Its just the perfect costume party. Enormous place with 3 separate bars. Great open bar. Phenomenal music. And a $500 prize for sexiest costume ensure that chicks go all out with their outfits. Let me repeat: $500 for sexiest costume. Last year we had some dude who dropped like a thousand bucks on Avatar make up and he was furious when a knockout smokeshow beat him out for the costume contest.

Its our longest running and best Barstool New York event – if you’re in Manhattan and hitting a bar for Halloween, you can’t beat it.

Where: Saloon 84th and York

When: Saturday, October 27th

How Much: 40 bucks, open bar from 9pm to 12am or 10pm to 1am. Includes ALL beers, ALL wine, and premium liquors like Kettle One and Jack Daniels. 2 rooms, 3 full bars, a million bartenders.

Extras: $500 prize for the sexiest costume.

**Get there earlier. You try to come to this party at like 11 and you’re gonna be on line all night**