Happy Titties day mothafuckas! Personally, I’m an Ass Man. So for me, this is an important day. Almost like Veterans Day or Memorial Day. The reality of the matter is I should pay homage to everyone who served this country and the people who gave their lives to protect my freedom every single day of the year. We should honor those people 365 days. But unfortunately sometimes I take them for granted. They do such an amazing job allowing me to live such a carefree life sometimes I forget to pay them proper respect.

Same thing with tits. Every single day of the year I should wake up, drop to my knees and pray to the Titty Gods and thank them for gracing me with their presence every where I go. Big tits, small tits. Pointy nipples, dinner plates. I love em all. So, today’s your day, Cleavage. The reality is men everywhere should celebrate you 24/7, but sometimes the world ain’t fair. So enjoy your moment in the sun.

PS – Ladies don’t ever be shy about the topic of getting titty fucked. You may think its real kinky and kinda weird and embarrassing but its gotta be easier than giving a blow job and I promise you, your man is down for it.

PPS – Like I said, I respect tits of all kinds everywhere. And I respect what these broads in London in that video tried to do, but let me show you how its really done: