He made 39 saves on the night, the last couple of which were out of this freaking world unbelievable, to pitch the game three shutout. He smashes axes with Johnny Mac. He’s a certified Swedish sex god and anointed royalty in New York City. He may be without a Cup, but that’ll change. It’s his lack of Barstool t-shirt that really concerns me. Not that Ben Bernstein and 610 didn’t drop gold on our laps last time but please people, this is the King we’re talking about. This shirt has to capture his supernatural sex appeal and that, my friends, is no easy task. Think Adonis on ice skates. Think Sistine Chapel on 100% cotton. So send ‘em in stoolies, to nyctips@barstoolsports.com or @barstoolnewyork. I promise they’ll be ready right on time for the parade… @Osgood_StoolNYC

PS – How about this freaking series from our best Boston-born blueshirt, Brian BOOOOOOO-YLE! Chris Kreider’s debut saw his BC brethren burn Ottawa yet again, his third goal in three games, two of them being game winners. Once again, the playoff mustache is getting it done for the Rangers. Mandatory handlebars all around!