Saw this on SportsCenter this morning. Sure, it’s only whatever the fuck the BCHL is, but you’re not gonna net a dirtier game-winner with less time on the clock on any level. Toe drags & top shelf for days. I don’t know the quality of Langley Rivermen’s groupies, but Austin Azurdia’s got dibs fo’ sho’. Gotta love the announcer’s “Is this really happening!?!?!” too. Gus Johnson-ed the hell outta this highlight. Still, this only reminds me that, instead of looking forward to the NY Rangers opening up against the Cup champs tomorrow night, there’s still no NHL season. The best players in the world are scattered all over bullshit European leagues with no end in sight, leaving me beating my meat over Austin Azurdia instead of Rick Nash. Fuck you, Bettman.