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Introducing Jillian from Rutgers. Alright Scarlet Knights here’s the deal – you guys were responsible for 2 of the best Blackouts of the entire tour last year. You went toe to toe with some of the biggest and best school in the Barstool network. New England schools that have been down with Barstool since the early days. Party schools down south in the SEC. Big Ten schools that rage as hard as anyone in the country. Rutgers was right there with them. So much so that the Starland Ballroom that hosted us next time banned us from coming back. I guess they just couldn’t handle the mayhem.

So originally when the tour started we were just gonna have to skip a Rutgers show. I told Pres that couldn’t happen. I told Pres that Rutgers deserved one of the biggest and best Fuckin Foam parties after your performance last year. The only venue nearby that could host one of our more massive shows was the Sun National Center in Trenton. I know its not exactly ideal for Rutgers but it was the best I could do for you guys. I put my own neck on the line to make sure Rutgers was rewarded for going as hard as they did. Its a little bit of travel, but its the Official Unofficial Rutgers Fckin Foam tour. Make me proud, Rutgers. I went to bat for you, now you go to bat for me.

10/25 – Rutgers FOAM in Trenton – Click here to buy tickets