Hey who is that little boy mean muggin the fuck out of everyone on the hard streets of Brown University?  He’s old enough for college?  Weird.  Got some killer pecs though.  I mean Perez Hilton is going gaga over this dude:

Umm are people fucking serious? … she looks fucking cute/hot as hell here.    And make no mistake about is going with a pixie haircut when you’re not a lesbian is a pimp move.   Like you need to bring it with your face to pull this off because there is no hiding.     Having said that Emma Watson pulls it off with ease.    Just cramming a 98mph fast ball down your throat and daring you to hit it.

Justin Bieber thinks he can fuck Emma Watson?  Seriously stick with 14 year old chicks and leave the Emma Watson’s of the world to real men like me and Lambert.

Oh wait a second.  That wasn’t Perez.  My mistake.