You know what we need more of in this world? Good 3rd base coaches. But you know what else we need more of? Youtube videos showing trick plays failing. Those videos never see the light of day. We see plenty of trick plays in football. Hidden ball tricks in baseball. Fake pick offs like this one. Stupid gimmick plays in basketball like the Barking Dog Play. Every time these kids all celebrate like they won the championship because they pulled off a trick. Well what about the times the quarterback tries to hide the ball and some linebacker doesn’t fall for it and lights him up. How about a video of a bunch of assholes diving around the field running all over the field pretending the ball is in the outfield and the kid on 3rd just stands there laughing at them like a bunch of dickheads?

I just wanna see one basketball video where a kid on defense steals the inbound pass and goes over to the “barking dog” kid and kicks him right in the dick. I hate that play more than anything in sports. If your coach tells you to run that play and you listen to him you’re both a coupla cocksuckers.