NJ – The football game scheduled Friday night between St. Peter’s Prep and Kearny was cancelled Friday morning because of Kearny officials’ concerns over the potential for injuries to their players. The action was announced on Kearny’s school website, khs.kearnyschools.com, where the news simply read “tonight’s KHS varsity football game has been cancelled.” The timing of the move bothered Rich Hansen, the coach at St. Peter’s Prep, which is ranked No. 4 in The Star-Ledger Top 20. But John Millar, the athletic director at Kearny, said he did not know until Friday morning. ”The Board of Education and the superintendent (Ron Bolandi) made a decision not to play the game for safety concerns,” Millar said. “I was informed by the superintendent this morning that I should call St. Peter’s and cancel. ”Let’s face it, we are extreme opposites in terms of competitiveness. They’re very good and our program is not. There was concern over potential for injuries. And if we had too many players injured today, there was a question about going forward with the rest of our season and whether we would be able to play it or finish it.”

It’s cool guys. Just give up, that’s fine. Just cancel the game because you’re scared you might get hurt. No need for heart or guts or a warrior’s attitude. Just forfeit the game, that’s probably the easiest thing to do here. Wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt during a football game after all.

Seriously, if I went to this school Kearny then I’d transfer immediately. I know it’s a high school and transferring is probably a little tougher, but it doesn’t matter. Get the fuck out of there. You go to a pussy school run by pussies. Your mascot should be a giant vagina. Everyone is laughing at you. Everyone thinks you’re soft.

Nice job Kearny administrators, you’ve officially solidified your school as the bitch. Have fun trying to get your students pumped up for a sporting event now that they know you might just cancel it because you’re worried about boo-boos.