ESPNThe Bloomington South High School girls’ basketball team beat Arlington High School on Tuesday night in Indianapolis. By a score of 107-2. Arlington scored only on free throws in the second and third quarters, RTV6 in Indianapolis reported. ”(The score) is probably not what we would like to see,” Chris Kaufman, a spokesman for the Indiana High School Athletic Association, told the station. Kaufman also told the station that the governing body does not have a mercy rule. According to RTV6, coach Larry Winters said all nine members of Bloomington South’s team received playing time.

Every year theres one or two stories like this. Some team losing by 90+ points and theres a small uproar about it. Sportsmanship and spirit of competition and blah blah blah. You think the chicks on Arlington High give a fuck about basketball if they’re going out there getting scraped by 105 points? For sure not. Those chicks suck at basketball and they know it. They know they are gonna lose every single game this year and they’re bound to give up a hundo a couple times. If you know you suck at basketball and don’t want to get humiliated on the hardwood, don’t play basketball. I would never play hockey because I know I fucking suck at hockey, any team that I could make the cut is probably the worst team of all time, and therefore I know every game is going to be a humiliating blood bath. Its just self awareness really. So there’s no way these chicks are running home crying because they got embarrassed. They know the deal. If they were really upset with it they’d go do stuff that high school girls are good at. Blowing senior guys and whatever else it is that girls in high school do.