Get some, Candyy Swagg! You little butt pirate! Just tearing up the field, juking dudes left and right getting a handful of ass before getting taken out. I ain’t mad atcha. Sure, if a dude did this to a women’s softball team, he’d be tased, shot with rubber bullets and he’d do 5 to 10 in the state pen. But A) I don’t think we have to worry about a guy running on the field to feel up female softball players. and B) Every other female-male double standard in existence favors dudes. So I’m not gonna bite the double standard hand that feeds me. Let this chick grope some ass and laugh it off.

PS – How terrified do you gotta be to send this chick off to college if you’re her father? She has baseball slut written all over her. If I’m her dad I’m looking up every college without a baseball program and telling her she has to pick from one of them.