(Aug. 26)Doctors have agreed to treat China’s “Hippo Man” for free, potentially curing a cancerous tumor that has deformed his face and put his life at risk. Last year, Fei Jianjun, 41, first noticed a small red bump on the tip of his nose. “I didn’t pay much attention as it’s only a small bump,” he told Rex USA. But the bump grew rapidly and now covers almost half his face. Doctors in China will give Fei Jianjun, 41, free treatment for a cancerous tumor on his nose that has deformed his face and threatened his life. Fei is unable to breathe through his nose, and the swelling has pushed his eyes to the sides of his head. Some residents of the village of Maxiang in China’s Jilin province mock Fei when he goes outside, and others are reportedly fearful he will spread his affliction to them.

Oh my god I’ve been sitting around waiting patiently for a chance to get back at Pres for that Chuck Cheese post and lookie what falls in my lap!   Hey Hippo Man.  Sweet nose bro!  Seriously I haven’t seen a schnoz like that since Pres showed up for our business meeting in a tuxedo jacket.   Hey Hippo Man I bet all your buddies tell you it’s not that bad and you can’t even notice it blah blah.  Well I just wanted to let you know that’s the biggest fucking face affliction I’ve ever seen in my life.  Seriously you look like shit dude.  Clean that hippo nose up freak.