Best Drama, Best Actor and Best Actress. Doesn’t get much better than that. Clare Daines absolutely should have won. I don’t even mind them winning Best Drama. The show is sick. But there’s just no fucking way Brody deserved to win Best Actor over Bryan Cranston. Just absolutely no fucking way. Both characters are borderline heroes/villains and Bryan Cranston just does it 50 times better. I can’t even recall one moment from Season 1 of Homeland where Brody delivered dramatic television that even comes close to comparing to Walter White’s best scenes. I’ve never cared about the Emmy’s but I’m genuinely pissed off Heisenberg didn’t get the recognition he deserved.

The real winner of last night was Aaron Paul. Dude had his official coming out party for his smokebomb fiance.

Aaron Paul might legitimately be the coolest dude in the world. Sky rocketing to the top of my list of dudes I wanna trade lives with.