Everyone who watches Homeland has been telling me I had to see the SNL skit from this past weekend. Dead accurate. Saul is spot on. Brody’s voice is perfect. “David, No. No David” and the Carrie crying face is 10/10. Saul saying she’s let him down every time is so true. And Dana might be the most accurate SNL skit portrayal of all time. Over the summer I wrote my Top 6 most hated TV characters of all time  but after seeing season 2 of Homeland Dana has skyrocketed to number 1. Dethroned Becca from Californication with ease. Cannot stand her or the storyline about her gayball boyfriend.

Anyway, I think season 2 has really fallen off. The direction they decided to go with the Brody/Carrie cat and mouse chase totally sucks. Its completely unrealistic and took all the suspense out of the show. I absolutely loved season 1 but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think this season was a little lame.