(Newser) – One little Chinese dog will run for food—and run and run. In fact, the short-legged fluffy white stray ran 1,100 miles with a pack of bikers after one of the athletes shared some of his munchies with the pooch. The crew climbed 12 mountains in less than 25 days, and many dropped out before the trek was over. The little pup, nicknamed Xiaosa or Little Sa by the group, has become a national hero after fans followed the odyssey on a blog started by one of the cyclists, reports the BBC. “She was lying, tired, on the street” in a town in Sichuan province, one cyclist told the China Daily. “So we fed her, and then she followed our team” all the way to Tibet. “That dog showed very strong will power,” he added. “I don’t think we could have made it without that enthusiasm.” The cyclist is adopting the dog—once they make it back home.

Well here’s your feel good story to pick you up after the face eating incident. Homeless dog just wanted to run with a crew. He was a one man wold pack on the streets of China. He was probably someone’s next meal knowing those dog and cat eaters over there in Asia. Then he found his wolfpack. Chinese bikers and a pooch, riding through the Sichuan province looking for strippers and cocaine.

Seriously gotta love this pup’s logic here though. When you’re a stray dog in China you are seriously down to your last gun in the bullet. You never know when your next meal is coming. You could end up hanging in the window of a Chinese food restaurant at any minute. So the second someone offers you some food and water you fuckin stick with em. I don’t care if you gotta run 2000 miles with them. Climb 10 mountains. 60 miles a day for 20 days. Whatever. Just keep running like fuckin Forrest Gump.

PS – Yes I know it was a she but everyone knows that all dogs are boys. Also, is it bad that I didn’t think this dog was as cute as I usually would because he’s an Asian dog? I’m so racist.