NYC The BlogKeron “DJ Fire Kid,” a 22-year-old immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago who resides in Staten Island and did not want his last name used, was riding the N train in Manhattan on Sunday just past midnight as a pantless rider began to masturbate nearby. As the subway pulled out of the Prince Street station in Soho around 12:40am, a man without pants or underwear began carefully tying a string around his penis in plain sight. Commuters split into three camps; indifferent, horrified or very amused. As the man calmly finished tying what appears to be an overhand knot—or possibly a clove hitch—he started masturbating.

I really don’t have any problem with this bum tying a string around his dick and masturbating in the middle of the train.   Like I always say if you’re going to assume a character you got to fucking own it.  Want to be an asshole blogger?  Be the biggest fucking sexist misogynist heartless asshole blogger there is.  Want to be homeless?  Be the most disgusting vile deplorable vagrant the city’s ever seen.  Sleep in a puddle of your piss in the middle of the sidewalk.   Shit your pants on the regular.  Smear it on the walls.   Take your dick out on the N train and wrap a string around it and jerk it to  your heart’s content.   Oh you people don’t like seeing my tied up homeless dick?  Maybe you’ll rethink not giving me that quarter in your pocket next time so I can  hop a Greyhound bus to Florida and beat my dick under palm tress instead of on the fucking N train?

PS-  Hey DJ Fire Kid you wanted to remain so anonymous why don’t you get your fucking name off the middle of the video?