Home Sweet Home!

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) Albuquerque authorities arrested a homeless man for failing to notify them that he moved out of the Dumpster he listed as his address. KOB-TV reports Charles Mader is a convicted sex offender and is required to give the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department a physical address. Detectives say Mader violated his sex offender registration requirement after moving out of the trash bin and failing to report the move within 10 days. On Monday, deputies found Mader at a homeless shelter and arrested him. Mader told KOB he wasn’t familiar with some of the registration rules. Bernalillo County authorities say they’ve told Mader what the rules are repeatedly. Sheriff’s officials say Mader could face up to three years in jail for failing to register for a third time.

Hey I wonder if this homeless person made a goddam facebook event invite asking all his homeless friends to help him move dumpsters like my asshole friends did last week?

Leg 1: Meet me at my Dumpster at 7 am. Help me climb out of my dumpster, carrying all my cans and my crack rocks.

Leg 2: Help me climb into my new dumpster with all my cans and crack rocks.

Leg 3: help me sexually offend some women in my new dumpster.

I would legitimately help this bum move before I ever helped my friends move into that apartment last weekend.

What I wanna know is how the police know that he “moved?” You just go knocking on the side of his dumpster for 10 days and if he doesn’t answer that means he moved? What if he went on vacation? What if he was on holiday visiting other homeless friends in Santa Fe? What if sanitation moved his dumpster? Not his fault the garbage men relocated his house from Dumptruck Lane to Landfill Boulevard. And listen I hate the homeless as much as I hate Asians. But I’m just saying I think we can maybe look the other way on this one. When you live in a dumpster with 4 corners – 1 for shitting, 1 for eating, 1 for sleeping, and 1 for sex offending – you hardly have a home.