BANGKOKA brawl broke out as prizes were being awarded at a Thai carmaker’s office party and more than 30 people were injured in the melee in which glasses, bottles and even homemade grenades were thrown, police and media said on Dec. 15. AutoAlliance Thailand, a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and Japan’s Mazda Motor Corporation, threw the party for its 4,000 staff on Dec. 14 evening at a restaurant in Chonburi, 100 km (63 miles) southeast of Bangkok. ”They were eating and many people were drunk,” said a police officer who went to the restaurant to help restore order. “Things got out of hand when some men threw bottles at each other.” The Bangkok Post newspaper said the brawl started in front of a stage as prizes were being handed out. It was not clear what sparked it. ”The chaos quickly spread as glasses and other missiles were thrown with periodic explosions and gunshots also heard, according to some witnesses,” the newspaper said. “A lot of property was also damaged or destroyed.” More than 30 people were hurt and one was in critical condition, the newspaper said. AutoAlliance spokesmen were not available for comment. “We have incidents like this every year,” said the police officer, who declined to be identified.

Welp over here in America the Cubicle Monkey Christmas Party you’re either 1 of two people – The guy who gets shitfaced and spends the whole night making an ass of himself or the guy who spends the whole night watching the guy who is making an ass of himself. Over in Thailand its either you throw the homemade grenades or get thrown at. I mean Jiminy fuckin cricket! Worst thing that can happen at a Christmas party over here is you hook up with the ugly chick. In Bangkok you’re crossing your fingers that you don’t get hit with any shrapnel when explosions start popping off.

I almost respect the way these Crazians operate. You know how many times Cube Monkeys wanna throw grenades and launch missiles at work? Some cocksucker snake is getting an award for being the best salesmen of the quarter and as he goes up there to accept his reward all you wanna do is smash your bottle and stab him in the neck. Well in Bangkok you can do that. How amazing is that? Nothing worse than the dickhead brown noser who wins all the awards. Just throw a homemade grenade at him! The Operations Team is getting drunk and annoying? Shoot them with your guns! Oh look there goes the useless IT Department. They aren’t leaving here unless its in a body bag! Cube Monkey life the way it really should be. Violent and hateful.