Business Insider- One of Hong Kong’s wealthiest men has placed a “marriage bounty” on his lesbian daughter’s head, offering nearly £40 million to the man who successfully woos her. Property magnate Cecil Chao Sze-tsung announced the HK$500 million reward this week after reports that his 33-year-old daughter Gigi Chao, a University of Manchester graduate, had married her long-term female partner in France. ”I don’t mind whether he is rich or poor. The important thing is that he is generous and kind-hearted,” Mr Chao told the South China Morning Post, describing reports about his daughter’s marriage as “false”.  The extravagant tycoon’s offer blended Blind Date and The Apprentice with Mr Chao claiming he hoped to help the successful suitor kick-start a business. He told the South China Morning Post the prize money was “an inducement to attract someone who has the talent but not the capital to start his own business”.

A Gay Bounty. Pure genius. This is really gonna test the foundation of gays. This lesbian is gonna have straight dudes gunning for her pussy like Brett Favre in the AFC Championship Game with the Saints. Because this is probably the most appealing offer of all time. Think about this package – A) First and foremost you’re marrying a rich chick. Thats a bounty in its own right. Asian Sugar Mama is at the top of list as is without any bonuses 2) You get $65 million goddam dollars and D) You get a chance to achieve the unachievable and get someone to convert and switch teams. Sugar Mama, a $65 million bonus, and the intangible benefit of knowing your cock is superior to another woman’s pussy.

Now don’t get me wrong – getting someone to convert is borderline impossible. But $65 million is some serious goddam motivation. And more importantly, if you don’t think I can defeat this Asian dyke who looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy:

In a duel of love making and charm, you are outside of your mind. Like if Gigi Chao was lesbian-married to Bar Refaeli I wouldn’t even bother trying. But when I see this 4 foot tall old man/boy/lesbian strutting around with a bow tie I have no doubt I can break Gigi Chao and turn her on to the dick.

PS – Gigi sporting a serious wonk eye huh? I think we’re destined.

PPS – I love the billionaire dad saying he hopes the winner uses the bounty prize as seed money to start up a business. Yea, sure thing pal. I have $65 million in the bank, a wife with a trust fund, and I’m exhausted from going down on your daughter 24 hours a day. Let me just start my own business. Sure thing, Dad.