So the interweb is abuzz about Mayweather’s “racist and homophobic rant” on Manny Pacquiao. Shit like this gets me excited because A) Boxers are fucking crazy and stupid so it will most likely be entertaining, and B) Its Friday, I’m wacked on painkillers, and have no interest in blogging right now. So, this sounds like a layup in terms of blogging material.

Boy, what a disappointment. I mean “After I stomp the midget I’ll have him make me a sushi roll?” What sort of G-Rated shit is that? When I think of boxing rants I think of stomping testicles and eating children. Not veiled racist jokes about Asians. Granted the “have him cook me up some cats and dogs” got a chuckle of out me. Also got the guy in the background chuckling on that one.

Matter of fact thats my favorite part about this. Like a couple members of his entourage are just kicking it listening to this whole production like “welp, thats just Floyd being Floyd. Can’t stop him from a good ole’ racist U-Stream if we wanted to.” That one guy is looking for the peanut butter in the cupboards pretending that nothing is going on. Just another day in the life at the Mayweather Estate. Sometimes I make belligerent U-Stream videos aimed at the commenters and kmarko just chuckles at my jokes in the background too. He knows he couldn’t stop me even if he wanted.