I used to think that people from Boston and New England were just uneducated scumbags but now after getting involved with Barstool I’ve realized its far, far worse. I’m beginning to think they are actually delusional. They act like they are so different from the rest of the world and so much better when really they are exactly the fucking same as the rest of us. It all starts and ends with Patriots fans. They have spent over a calendar year constantly about the Jets vs Pats game Week 2 of last season. Saying how the Jets fans are so obsessed with a meaningless regular season game. Do you see the irony in that you fucking idiots? You’ve spent a YEAR talking about a regular season game saying how the Jets fans talk about regular season games. And on top of that in general Pats fans spend all day talking about how much shit the Jets talk. Yet as sure as the sun will come up, head over to the Boston site and you’ll see Old Man Thornton writing 50,000 words on how much the Jets suck. Just the other day El pres wrote this exact phrase “Because to quote Reggie Jackson fans don’t boo nobodies.” If the Jets were truly the nobodies that Pats fans wish they were, you wouldn’t hear a word about them. But read Barstool Boston and its like a guarantee that you’ll get a Wake Up, Guess That Ass, Local Smokeshow, and then some form of Pats fans talking shit on the Jets fans by saying they talk too much shit even though they are the ones talking shit. You follow me? Its insane.

And then my favorite is come April when they want to flip a switch and become the blue collar Red Sox fans again. Come down from their holier than thou Ivory Tower as Pats fans and start to play the role of the “Idiots” and pretend they are a small market, underdog franchise. And like clockwork they start complaining about payroll and the Yankees buying players. When the Yankees signed CC, Tex and Burnett, I legit thought the Red Sox fans were never going to stop complaining. Best part is, that year the Yankees overall payroll went down when they did that. They reinvested a bunch of money, cut payroll by $8 million, and won a World Series, while all of New England just sat around crying. And then you look at the Sox payroll, which jumped $50 million between 2009 and 2010, and as of this morning they just spent another $300 million on two players.

Wake the fuck up you clowns. Your franchises and fanbases are not special. The Patriots are just like the Yankees. For years the Red Sox were just like the Jets. Regular season football games can be important. Every big city baseball franchise spends money. All fans talk shit. Accept the fact that you aren’t unique and pipe down.