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So last week was Jess Double D’s and Sarah on the sticks for Mad River. Two of the craziest party girls I’ve ever met joining forces to create the most unstoppable, diabolical bartending team in the history of bartending. It was like when D Wade and Lebron joined forces. Just not fair to the competition. It was almost like that bartender from Italy I wrote about earlier in the day – people coming from all over to see them do their thing. So who do you bring in this Thursday for the contest finale? Who can possible follow this act?

Oh I dunno, the most famous smokeshow in Barstool New York history, Kacie? She won last years Barstool U Tournament of Smokeshows. She’s been to every Philly Blackout. This is her second go-round at Mad River.

Legitimately just about the only chick who can challenge last week’s duo for the free trip to Puerto Vallarta. Its the finale of Mad River’s Thursday Night Spring Break Contest. Your last week to see smokebombs behind the bar getting wild and slingin cheap booze. All Star smokeshows on hand. Where else are you gonna be?