NY PostNew York is braced for May Day mayhem. Workers are staring at hellacious commutes today when the flagging Occupy Wall Street movement hopes to get a second wind with a full slate of “general strike” protests across the five boroughs. That could not only make it difficult for people to get to their jobs, but it also could put angry demonstrators on a collision course with beefed-up police. From Bryant Park to Bushwick, demonstrators will protest everything from economic injustice to school privatization in a series of planned and also potentially arrest-inducing unpermitted rallies, marches and walkouts. If the Williamsburg Bridge-to-Wall Street march doesn’t bog down traffic, the group’s so-called “Bike Bloc” in Union Square will. Workers who ignore the general-strike call will find it hard to get to their jobs. It’s touted as a “day without the 99 percent” — seemingly disregarding the fact that most of the 99 percent actually works. The activities are the biggest test of the movement’s organizing muscle since the winter. Mayor Bloomberg vowed there will be no surprises, saying, “we are prepared for everything that we can think of all the time.” “People have a right to protest. They don’t have a right to disrupt other people and keep other people from protesting or just going about their business.”

OK it’s warm again guys, lets go be dickheads!

Give it the fuck up! Seriously, enough. Face it. You’re all just a bunch of fairweather protesters who have somehow convinced yourselves that by preventing hardworking, blue collar people from getting to work that you’re changing the world. You’re changing the world alright – you’re making it a worse place by inconveniencing the members of the 99% who have just decided they are going to work hard rather than do nothing and complain. The 1% you so passionately detest will NEVER BE AFFECTED by these shenanigans in anyway. Get it through your heads!

Just the mere fact that they waited until the weather was warm is so fucking infuriating. Its like they put up this dramatic front about how they are so passionate about this movement and would die for cause and then as soon as the temperature dipped they gave up. Now its May and its sunny and they wanna get involved again. People from every goddam “percent” in the world went about their business living their lives working their jobs and being adults for the winter. Most people have more to take care of in life than banging on a drum in a park and don’t have the luxury of hibernating in the cold months. But here comes the lazy children of Occupy Wall Street who want to ruin everyone elses lives because its spring time. Just another piece of proof that their entire movement is a total joke.