Huff PoUsually when a woman touches herself for a porn company, one might question her morals or motivation. One streaming porn website took to the streets to change that assumption — at least for a single day. Adult website Porn Hub and award-winning porn actress Bree Olsen set out Tuesday to help the women of New York City with the Boob Bus. “Offering free breast exams,” the bus signage proclaimed, “because cares about your best asset.” “Hop on board the bus and find out how to feel boobs…the right way!” the site promised. And we’ve got to hand it to Porn Hub, they weren’t just playing doctor for a mid-year reminder about breast cancer. Medical professionals like American Board of Plastic Surgery representative Dr. David Shafer joined Olsen on the tour of stops in midtown Manhattan, offering instructions on conducting proper self-examinations and providing free screening services on-site, Fox News reported.

How many chicks you think hopped on this bus? 0? Negative 10? Who comes up with these ideas? Look when I say the words “Porn star” and “bus” what do you think of? You think of Bang Bros and that dude with the weird bump on his dick plowing girls. You think of Ron Jeremy on a Girls Gone Wild bus making drunk chicks go down on each other. Bottom line is, if you are coming up with some grand idea for porn stars on buses, you should probably gear that shit towards men.

If this bus was about men checking their testicles and examining their prostates you woulda had a line from Times Square down to Battery Park. Go grab a sandwich on your lunch break and have Bree Olson and the girls of Porn Hub fondle your testicles? Maybe get a little experimental and take a finger to the prostate? Yes please. I would know everything there is to know about self examination and the early warning signs of cancer and what not.