NY Post - Derek Jeter’s former girlfriend Minka Kelly appears in a sex tape currently being sold to the highest bidder, according to reports. The 30-minute long tape was shot in New Mexico and features Mika with an ex-boyfriend, who is not Jeter, TMZ reported. The site reports the tape was shot in a semi-professional manner with the camera secured by a tripod and hooked up to a TV monitor, and “Charlie’s Angels” star Minka appears aware of the camera. It also reports that it is not clear how old Minka was when the tape was shot. Her rep has not yet commented.

Hey Penn State take that $60 million and give it to whoever has this sex tape and release it to the world and we’ll call it even. Let me see Minka Kelly getting fucked on camera and all is forgiven. Prior to hearing this news I probably wouldn’t have said this, but now that I give it some thought, Minka Kelly is way up there on my list of celebrities I want to see in a sex tape. Shes just so quiet and mysterious. Never in the spotlight, never in the papers. Its like shes a ghost or Keyser Soze or something. A smokeshow in the mist.

I would straight up LOVE to see this chick doing unspeakable things on camera. Its the quiet ones that will always rock your dick off.