I’ve honestly never heard of an award snub in my life that is as blatantly insulting to the basic principals of judgement than the fact that Henrik Lundqvist isn’t on Cosmo’s recent (and fully retarded) survey of hockey’s hottest players.  I mean, fine, you put Brian Boyle up on there sure, and ok, I can accept including Tyler Seguin on sheer pussy slaying statistics alone, but then to not select Hank as numbers 1-28 on this list is just plain wrong.  And these chicks have the balls to say this thing was compiled through surveys?  Of actual women?  I mean was Henrik even in the choices lineup?  Crosby is on there. Jagr’s old ass on there. Fucking HARTNELL made this list at #5.  This fucking guy:

Made the list of Sexiest Hockey Players? He looks like fucking Hamish from Braveheart:

Well now you lit a fire under our Rangers, Cosmo.  Now Hank’s got something to prove.  Now the team is rallying around his struggle.  Now all of Torts’ pregame speeches are going to be about going out there and proving those blind cunts wrong with a hard forecheck and a willingness to sacrifice the body.  Maybe this is exactly the kind of fuel we needed to fire up the passions of our players.  Because let’s face it, Cosmo, nothing and no one is hotter than Henrik Lundqvist.  Accept maybe Henrik Lundqvist raising the Stanley Cup.  @Osgood_StoolNYC