TMZ – The Ukrainian singer — who goes by Aza – is filing the lawsut in L.A., claiming “Call Me Maybe” is a carbon copy of her song “Hunky Santa” … which producers simply tweaked before adding Carly Rae Jepsen’s voice.

Everyone is freaking out about that “It’s Thanksgiving” song right now. Philly posted it, Chicago posted it. People saying how that chick is the next Rebecca Black and shit. Whatever. I’m over all that teen cookie-cutter horse shit. Too fucking soft for me. I need something harder. Something that doesn’t fuck around. Like this Ukrainian bitch Aza… Now there’s a real woman. The kind of crazy ass slut that will just fuck your dick off in her little Santa outfit while not rhyming any words in her songs. She don’t care. Bitch wants dick and she’s gonna get dick one way or the other. Love it.

Anyway, have a great weekend motherfuckers!