Daily Mail- Fans of 50 Shades of Grey are worried that the unorthodox sexual practices depicted in the erotic best-seller could face a backlash thanks to the upcoming trial of a man accused of abusing his wife who says they were simply engaging in S&M. Ed Bagley faces a federal trial early next year on 11 counts of abuse against a woman authorities say he groomed to be his sex slave. Now prosecutors plan to present consensual, though violent, acts between Bagley and his own wife Marilyn as evidence that Bagley has a history of sexually assaulting women. Defense attorneys plan to show evidence of ‘sadistic sexual assaults’ and S&M advocates fear that it will cause a negative public reaction to their lifestyle choices, which have come to public attention partly because of E.L. James’s. Some worry the government’s assertion could open up people who practice bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism – or BDSM – to criminal charges for consensual acts they’re already performing, said Susan Wright, founder of the Baltimore-based National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. ‘We are following this case specifically because we were hoping this issue would not come up,’ she said.

S&M freaks are like Yankee fans. They’re all the same. Like right now this Susan Wright chick is clearly a kinky sexual fucking circus who doesn’t want this creepy old dude with sex slaves representing the S&M community. She says the S&M community is just all about sexual freedom and experimenting with boundaries, not some old guy who hides girls in his basement. Thats the same way you always hear Yankees fans arguing that they aren’t front runner, fair weather, sell out corporate, spoiled fans. Every time I argue with a Yankees fan they’re always telling me “I’m not one of those fans.” Yea fuckin right pal. You’re 25 years old. The first thing you can remember as a baseball fan is Derek Jeter’s Jeffrey Maier ball. You’re spoiled as fuck. You’re an arrogant fan whos never struggled once. Your stadium is half empty because your entire fan base can’t even appreciate the success. You may think “you’re not that fan” but you fucking are.

Thats like Susan Wright. I know you wanna try to argue that you getting tied up and beaten and electrocuted while getting double penetrated by a contraption from fuckingmachines.com is different from Ed Bagley and his old wife fucking chicks in their basement, but its probably not. You’re probably all some form of a sexual deviant deep down because you were abused by your parents or something. Sure, some are worse than others. Some are probably a little bit more reasonable. But you’re all basically the same. Just like fuckin Yankees fans. One way or another you’re all spoiled assholes.