Now I know Scott is a total idiot and my arch nemisis, so its no surprise that he thinks signing Rafael Soriano is the biggest free agent splash of the off season. But then I’m getting texts and tweets and all sorts of shit from other Yankees fans saying “Yankees signed Soriano, baby!” Either its some elaborate prank organized by virtually every Yankees fan I know, or this entire fan base has gone off the deep end. Paying $35 million to a reliever not named Mariano Rivera is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard in my life. This shit has like 16 opt out clauses and they gave up like 8 draft picks. Its insane. Could possibly be the worst contract in baseball.

Aside from Rivera, I would never pay a dime for another reliever ever again. All of them suck. Every relief pitcher is baseball is just a shitty pitcher who wasn’t good enough to be a starter. Its all about which of them are lucky enough to string together 80 appearances and not completely fucking blow. Pick em out of a barrel and just have a revolving door spinning. $35 million with 2 opt out clauses and 2 first round picks for a set up man is preposterous. And yes, I know its never about money with the Yankees, but its still just bad business. They offer $45 million to the greatest shortstop in franchise history and $35 to a reliever??

PS – Scott Boras is better at his job than anyone else on the planet earth. No exaggeration.

PPS – How do you think Joba Chamberlain feels these days? The Yankees fucked around with him his entire career and now he’s a junk man middle reliever with no defined role. Probably gonna be like their 5th Inning man this year since that rotation sucks. I’d demand a trade immediately if I was him.